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Piper Heidsieck Cuvée Rare Champagne

Régis Camus, the winemaker at Piper-Heidsieck, has set himself the task of working on his blend until he attains perfection.
He selects the best crus from the Champagne grape varieties, which are vinified separately, to create a richer and more delicate blend.
His choice goes towards the Chardonnay, which combines floral and mineral notes with an elegant freshness. He looks for aromas of red fruits in Pinot Noir, along with an opulent structure and a long finish in the mouth.
Pinot Noir and Chardonnay come together in the "Cuvée Réservée Rare" to create an elegant, harmonious champagne that is surprisingly concentrated, with a silky complexity, fullness and a rich, full-bodied structure.
This complex, subtle wine is aged for a minimum of three years so that its outstanding personality can express itself fully.

On the Eye

A sparkling, brilliant gold with green reflections. Delicate bubbles and long-lasting effervescence.

On the Nose

Initial floral notes of lime, verbena and wild rose. These notes intensify, liberating aromas of tropical fruit, such as passion fruit and kiwi, combined with mild spices and white pepper. The palette continues to develop with hints of meringue, cocoa and liquorice, leaving an impression of an oriental wine with a strong personality.

On the Palate

The wine is fresh and full of zest together with a sparkling roundness. After a first subtle, mineral impression comes a flavour—packed impression of fullness and gourmet warmth, blending pineapple flambé with passion fruit.

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